WP 9 e-Health monitoring

This WP, led by Dr. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga (VHIR) and Dr. Daisy Jonkers (UM), will provide a better understanding of the relationship between digestive symptoms and clinical manifestations of mental and non-mental comorbidities in patients with IBS. This WP will make use of already developed technology (electronic health, e-Health) to remote and momentary monitor self-reported gastrointestinal, mental (e.g. stress, anxiety and depression) and extraintestinal somatic symptoms (e.g. widespread pain, fatigue), physical activity and environmental factors, simultaneously creating the basis for future intelligent health (i-Health) approaches. Patients’ information will be reported actively, through personal digital devices (mobile phone), and passively, by validated wearables. Monitoring individuals that will be clinically phenotyped (WP2) and biologically analysed (WP3-6) will allow obtaining a global profile of each IBS phenotype. The main output of this WP will be the classification of behavioural patterns underlying clinical manifestations of gastrointestinal dysfunction and comorbid mental and somatic disorders in IBS patients with special regard to stress and sex/gender issues and nutritional and other lifestyle factors.


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