New directions for clinical research to improve prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, therapy development, and management of co- and multimorbidities:

– DISCOvERIE will translate specific comorbid IBS aetiological and physiopathological knowledge into clinical guidelines, which will be delivered direct to the European healthcare system (via symposiums, conferences, papers, a dedicated website)

 -The creation of a European Reference Network for comorbid IBS (COIBSnet) involving healthcare providers across Europe.

 -By incorporating a user board (involving national representatives of patient associations along with renowned specialists in the field, European healthcare experts and large pharma and SME representatives), into our management structure together with the direct participation of seven SMEs an effective translation of scientific findings to the market.

Identified biomarkers for more accurate and earlier diagnosis, prognosis as well as monitoring of patients’ condition: 

The proposal aims to identify and deliver breakthrough prognostic and therapeutic biomarkers, in the form of fast, non-invasive diagnostic tests (e.g. ELISA, point-of-care-tests, nCounter multi-omics) in non-invasive human samples (serum/plasma and/or faecal samples).

-We will use e-health tools (app) for personalized real-time assessment of clinical symptoms, and will go beyond by promoting intelligent health solutions (i-Health)

-At least 57% of SMEs (HB,EMTEC, NANOSTRING & HumanIT care) will introduce innovations to company/market.