WP 7 Systems Biology and Integromics

This WP led by Dr. Arno Lukas (EMTEC) and Dr. Judith Farrés (AX) will investigate mechanistic and causal relationships between IBS and mental and non-mental comorbidities from a systems biology perspective with in-silico methods. Advanced data analysis workflows will be applied to integrate biological data (generated in WP3-6), clinical data (WP2) and data from e-health platforms (WP9) in order to reveal specific clinic-biological profiles that identify and differentiate IBS and comorbid IBS. Existing methods for analyzing molecular protein interaction models of pathologies will be extended to specifically enable investigations of compositionality of complex, comorbid molecular phenotypes involving IBS. All generated data will be secured and shared via a repository, created ad hoc for the study. Different sets of analyses will be combined in order to identify candidate biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of IBS and associated comorbidities. The main output will be the characterization of disease patterns and the identification of candidate diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic biomarkers for IBS and comorbid IBS.


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