WP 6 Genetics & Epigenetics

This WP led by Dr. Beate Niesler (UKL-HD) and Dr. Marta Ribasés (VHIR) aims at identifying the role of genetic factors in comorbid IBS development. While the different disorders that are the focus of the proposal (IBS, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue) have been genetically investigated separately, the genetic/epigenetic basis of the comorbidity of IBS with the other mental and somatic disorders has never been explored. This WP will analyse the main GWAS datasets worldwide on these phenotypes to identify genes and pathways involved in these comorbidities. In addition, disease-specific genetic and epigenetic signatures subjacent to IBS and comorbidities using biological samples from prospective cohorts (cross-sectional and longitudinal) will be unravelled. The unique nCounter technology for multiplexed target detection from complex sources and small amounts of input material will be used as well. The main output of this WP will be the identification of genetic association between IBS and comorbidities and the identification of a genetic profile that differentiate IBS, comorbid IBS and health.


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