WP 10 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

This WP, led by Dr. Javier Santos (VHIR) and Loek Willems (HB) will secure that results generated within the project are disseminated, communicated and exploited in the most efficient way. One of the major deliveries of this WP will be the creation of COIBSnet, a European reference network for Comorbid IBS and the release of National and European clinical guidelines for comorbid IBS that will be implemented and adapted in existing or newly created specialised National hospital-based Units that will link to primary and secondary care. This will optimize the management and diagnoses of IBS, which will reduce healthcare use and improve patients’ quality of life. It will also facilitate protection of the foreground with innovation/exploitation opportunities and will provide support regarding intellectual property rights management and business opportunities.
Positioning of the project – Technology Readiness Levels
DISCOvERIE is a research and innovation effort, with different outcomes, that could start at different stages of the TRL. In general, we will be moving from TRL4 to TRL7.


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