Combined clinical and research unit at the University of Gothenburg with expertise in neurogastroenterology in particular, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in particular.

Unit with all the necessary expertise and equipment for carrying out detailed clinical and neurophysiological phenotyping of patients with IBS, including collection, handling and storage of biological samples (urine, blood, biopsies, feces, saliva etc.). The neurogastroenterology unit at Sahlgrenska University Hospital – a combined clinical and research physiology lab with all the available resources to thoroughly characterize GI function and dysfunction. The unit also houses a busy outpatient clinic, serving as a referral unit for patients with unexplained GI symptoms, and it runs several clinical trials using Good Clinical Practice. This lab efficiently manages large groups of patients, and at the unit six dedicated research nurses, several nutritionists, gastroenterologists, and post- and undergraduate researchers efficiently work together with the combined clinical and research tasks. It runs several simultaneous projects and has the equipment for all the physiological studies outlined in this application. We also have good access to the endoscopy unit with efficient research biopsy handling, as well as excellent access to fMRI facilities. At the unit we also run several dietary / nutritional research projects, as well as clinical studies on the role of patient education , and pharmacological, and  behavioural treatments in patients with IBS.