Hycult Biotechology (HB) (https://www.hycultbiotech.com/) is a world-class manufacturer of antibodies, proteins and immunoassays within the fields of innate immunity, inflammation and gastroenterology. As a company, we have extensive knowledge in development and production of biomedical reagents and assays for both the research and diagnostic market. Our reagents are utilized by a broad range of customers worldwide, from academic and government research institutes and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to hospitals and blood banks. It is our mission to advance insights into immune- and inflammatory-related diseases, for the benefit of individuals and their quality of life. In accordance with this mission, it is our ambition to facilitate the transition of products from research use to diagnostic testing. HB’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, (monoclonal) antibody generation and production, ELISA development, tissue culture and molecular biology. Our products are co-developed with leading scientists over the world. We participate (or participated) in several innovative research programs such as H2020-PHC, FP7-HEALTH, MSCA-ITN and Interreg V-A. The company culture is creative, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial. HB has over 25 years of experience regarding the development and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays. HB has developed and commercialized over 60 bioassays for reliable quantification of biomarkers in patient samples. This knowledge is of utmost importance for the project of which an essential part is focusing on discover, validate and pre-commercialize innovative and efficient diagnostic, predictive and therapeutic biomarkers/panels specific for IBS and related comorbidities. HB has the experience and the facilities to translate these newly identified biomarkers into robust, standardized and well-validated assays. Main task of HB will be translating newly identified biomarkers into robust, standardized and well-validated assays. HB has in-house facilities and expertise for development, production and marketing of monoclonal antibodies and high quality immunoassays. Our facilities include (but are not limited to) a ISO class 7 cleanroom, Osterbay coatline, lyophlizer (shell service 0.5 m2) and antibody production facilities up to 10 grams. All required techniques and facilities are up and running. Assay development is performed by a dedicated R&D department consisting of 6 fte (2 PhD scientists and 4 research technicians). All development activities will be performed according to in-house developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) based upon international standards. Next to our R&D department, we have a department of Operations (10 fte), QC (3 fte) and Commercial Operations (4 fte). HB is based in Uden, the Netherlands but also has a sales office in Wayne (PA) USA (4 fte) and distributors present in more than 50 countries. HB has obtained formal accreditation for its quality management systems by obtaining ISO-13485.